Community-Based Activities

Existing Infrastructure Survey

A survey of existing testbeds, tools, and other infrastructure was conducted. From this, we mapped existing capabilities to domains to understand where gaps existing. This work was started at the beginning of the project and ran in parallel with the study groups discussed below. The work involved reaching out to infrastructure providers to determine what currently existed, was planned, and what was available for general community use. Results are documented beginning on page 15 of the CEF final report.  

Study Groups

A sequential series of focused study groups was planned across three sets of stakeholders: users, providers, and funders.

Study Group 1

  Goal: understand hard cybersecurity problems and develop experiment use cases
      Participants: primarily cybersecurity researchers who would use future experiment infrastructure


Study Group 2

  Goal: identify future experiment infrastructure requirements
      Participants: cybersecurity researchers and infrastructure providers


Study Group 3

  Goal: define prioritized domain-based capability needs
      Participants: future experiment infrastructure providers and government funding organizations


Community Outreach

In order to socialize CEF and reach out to the broader community (beyond invited study group participants), we engaged in a number of community events:

  • IEEE Security and Privacy Symposium 2015 Poster Session
  • Cyber Security Experimentation and Test (CSET) Workshop 2014 Panel Discussion (co-located with USENIX Security)
  • DHS Cyber Security Division PI Meeting 2014
  • NSF SaTC PI Meeting 2015 Breakout Session